About Us

My name is Charles Koch, I am the owner of Charles H. Koch Construction Inc. We have been blessed to be in business for over 39 years. It all began in November of 1980, during the recession of 1979-1982. That year 92% of the 500,000 businesses started went under nationwide. God graced us with sustainable work and my small business survived, though not without a little struggle.

There was no doubt that the foundation of our company was built around an honest, hard-working, team with an intangible faith. Our faith and perseverance paid off and shortly after 1986, the housing/remodeling market blew up. We have always strived to select products that we believe have the most longevity and that are scaled to or above the demand of it’s uses. This means that we purchase our lumber from a real lumberyard, not a box store. I’ve learned that the lumber/plywood has generally better strength, longevity, less warping, ensures a better finished product and a faster/easier installation. We also purchase from vendors that handle a specific product, which ensures longevity and sometimes a better price.
All our employees work within their own specific trade. We also have architects who can give you the most usable, efficient space and likely end up saving you 20-33% of floor space. Our contractors do not cut corners and do a qualified job throughout the duration of the job. We love seeing on the final inspection report that our work has not only passed, but that it was at times above what the State of Wisconsin demands in their codes. We are Licensed Insured and Bonded.
Thank you to all our past, present and future clients for a great 39 years doing business in Wisconsin!